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Sing with me by Omiza-Zu

So...this is simply BEYOND adorable! The line art is great and I love his pose! The bow tie is so cute (and he'd totally wear one). Thi...

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Frisk trudged up the mountain, heart heavy. His parents had been fighting again, and he had needed to get out of the house. He had an... interesting relationship. Did they hate him? Maybe. They certainly didn't care for him, or each other. Apparently Frisk was just a dummy to them, something to yell at when they were tired of fighting themselves.

The constant screaming and sometimes physical fighting of his parents took its inevitable toll, leaving Frisk emotionally and mentally drained very often. He took refuge from it whenever he could, which wasn't very often, by taking long walks in the wilderness, and today he went farther than he ever had. He had decided to climb Mount Ebott.

Many residents in Ebottville claimed that the mountain was cursed, and no one who climbed it returned. Frisk wasn't the superstitious type, but even then, he supposed leaving his bleak home forever couldn't be too bad. He just hoped death wasn't involved. He never liked to dwell on that.

This time, however, Frisk let his mind wander. He knew what would happen. No matter what, his fall was one thing he could never change. It was a constant variable, and always happened in the exact same way.  It was strange, being conscious but not in control of his body.

He took his lunch break in a large, cool cave. He was about halfway up the mountain by now. Something that quickly grabbed his attention was a large hole in the middle of the floor. Burning with curiosity, he stepped forward carefully.

The deep, dark hole seemed endless. It just went on and on. He wondered how many people had fallen down there and never gotten out. Perhaps this was what had spawned those rumors.

He knew that it was dangerous to be this close, but there was something morbidly fascinating about it. He leaned in a bit closer, and...

The sickening feeling of vertigo took over him as he realized suddenly that this hole could very well end up being his demise, and he stumbled back quickly, heart pounding. But his boot caught on a tangle of roots and he tripped, earth shifting beneath him. And he fell forward and was falling,



The darkness seemed to almost consume him as he fell for what seemed to be an eternity. He briefly thought that as long as he didn't think about what would happen when he finally hit the bottom, it wasn't exactly the worst way to go.

Still falling. He couldn't see the ground below him yet.

He was sure that this was how Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole. Despite the situation, or perhaps because of it, he giggled. He loved that book, and he had read it almost every day when he was still allowed trips to the library. But when the fights increased, he was forced to stay at home whenever there wasn't school. His parents needed someone to yell at besides each other, he supposed angrily.

Still falling. 

And then suddenly a brown and yellow blur rushed up to meet him, and everything went black.

Frisk groaned as he sat up in the life saving flower bed. Glad that was over with. No matter how many times he fell, it still hurt. Going through the motions, he took a small Band-Aid out of the satchel that had held his lunch a short while ago. The food, however had fallen out and been ruined. As usual. Slapping the bandage on a small scrape, he stood up and stretched. Chara's voice would invade his mind, once again, very soon. The flower bed rested on her grave, after all, and she had enough consciousness to be awoken by Frisk' incredible DETERMINATION.

'3, 2, 1.' He thought to himself. And as he reached one, a small, familiar voice appeared in the back of his head.

'Well, dummy? Get a move on!'

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going. So shut your trap, Chara." Frisk murmured out loud.

''So, you've decided to take the goody-two shoes route! Good for you. Though I think I might miss seeing you get your ass whupped by Sans. Especially because of what you did to everyone.' Chara said, voice full of venom.

'Yeah, yeah, you hate my guts for killing your friends. Whatever. Aren't you glad I'm sparing 'em this time around, though? Cause if you ain't I can always go back..'

' No!' she said firmly, and Frisk could hear the desperation in her voice. Though she seemed blunt and rude, she cared very deeply for those who showed her kindness. Which was her weakness. 'Just go and meet Flowey! Besides, aren't you hungry? The sooner you get to Mo...Toriel, the sooner you'll get food.'

Frisk had to admit he was hungry. And while he had never spent enough time with Toriel to get emotionally attached to her, he knew she made some pretty darn good butterscotch cinnamon pie.

He walked through the little cavern into which he had fallen, carefully making his way through the large flower bed. He didn't have to walk far before he came to an ornate doorway, and he continued on.

On the other side was, as usual, Flowey. Proof that you couldn't trust anyone. Flowey was part of the reason Frisk didn't spare people. If this flower could be so friendly and then try to murder him within a matter of seconds, who's to say that all the other monsters weren't just pretending as well?

'They're not...' Chara whispered quietly. Frisk ignored her.

He walked up to Flowey and didn't even bother to look surprised. The little yellow flower smirked slightly before giving him a cheery grin. They both knew they were just humoring each other, as they both knew what would happen by heart. But it had to be done to some degree if it were a True Reset.

"Howdy! I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower!" The plant announced in his false, sickly sweet voice.

"You're new to the Underground, aren't'cha? Golly, you must be so confused! Someone ought to teach you how things work around here, and I guess little ol' me will have to do!"

"Aw, you're too kind." Frisk said, a hint of sarcasm barely detectable in his quiet voice. Flowey grinned even wider as he initiated the FIGHT.

"See that heart?" Flowey asked as Frisk's SOUL appeared on his chest. "That's your SOUL, the very culmination of your being!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Let's just get this over with."

Flowey smiled maliciously as he skipped his little speech, quickly abandoning his 'cute plant' act.

Without warning, a dozen 'friendliness pellets' were summoned and fired at Frisk rapidly. To his dismay, he was too slow in dodging one, and winced in pain as the bullet struck his arm, the glowing red SOUL on his chest flickering for a moment.

Suddenly, the bullets surrounded him. Frisk wasn't worried, though.

"You IDIOT!" Flowey screeched, his face morphing into a horrifying skeletal mask. The bullets came in, closer and closer until...

He saw Flowey draw back in confusion as the bullets hit Frisk and healed him. Playing along nicely. The only way to tell that Flowey knew what was about to happen was the fact that he braced himself quickly before the fireball hit him and ripped his roots straight out of the ground. He went flying off into the darkness, but Frisk knew he wasn't dead. He'd just burrow underneath the earth and be back.

His gaze was drawn to the large goat monster as she stepped into view. Though he'd seen her many times, he was always amazed by her regal beauty. Her purple robe swished around her, and her clean white fur was neatly brushed.

"What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth." She said in her kind, motherly voice. Frisk almost smirked at the word 'innocent', but remembered that he was playing the role of a frightened, friendly child. He paused at that. How exactly was he supposed to do that, he wondered now that he was in the middle of all of this again. He had very dead looking eyes, devoid of compassion, and circles under them that were too dark for any child.

He gave a small smile, knowing that it must look almost like a grimace on his usually emotionless face, but Toriel quickly smiled back, her face beaming with warmth, but there was also a hint of... sadness?

{Toriel's POV}

She looked over the child in front of her. He looked around ten or eleven, definitely one of the youngest children who had ever fallen down. His dark brown eyes were empty looking, and he looked very tired. His light brown skin was slightly ashy, and his hair (also brown) was matted.

He smiled at her, or tried to, but it was like his face didn't know how to arrange itself, and it didn't quite reach his eyes. Toriel's heart twinged with sadness. What had this child been through to make him like this? Her mind unwillingly wandered towards her own child, who had been treated horribly on the surface. It had been so bad that she had resorted to trying, she wouldn't dwell on her deceased child. Deceased...children.

She shook her head slightly and smiled back as warmly as she could.

"Greetings. My name is Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins."

{Frisk's POV}

He nodded as she spoke the familiar greeting, and he couldn't help but long for a mother who spoke to him that kindly. 

'See?' Chara whispered. 'She could be your new mom now.'

Frisk had been through this many times before, simply blocking out Toriel's kind words. before, he hadn't wanted to show any signs of weakness. But he supposed he could this time

.As Frisk opened his cold, hard heart to emotion for the first time in forever, he felt like crying. Someone who had just met him showing him what was, as far as he knew, genuine love?

He didn't cry, but when he smiled again it seemed a bit more natural.

"Thank you for saving me." He said in his cold, quiet voice. But it wasn't as cold as before.

The goat monster smiled at him again.

 This was going to be a long run, he thought to himself, already emotionally drained from the few moments of happiness. It had been so much easier when he didn't feel anything.

Oh well.

He'd go back to being a heartless killer after his 'happy' run.

Frisk sat in his SAVE file, contemplating quietly. The voice in his head, Chara, who he could only describe as his 'narrator', was silent. She wasn't much, just the ghost of the first Fallen Child who had latched their semi-conscious being onto his DETERMINATION. Chara simply gave him stats and reminded him to, as always, 'Stay determined!'. She offered advice and tips, as well, though he rarely acknowledged them.

At the start of the run, she would remind him that there was a perfectly good MERCY button, and that monsters were great once you got to know them. But Frisk just ignored her, and occasionally told her to shut up. He figured she was just biased towards them, seeing as she was raised by the creatures. But how could he spare them, when he had the beautiful power to SAVE and RESET? He could start it all over and over and over again, a clean slate. But he always killed them. He enjoyed the horrified looks on their faces when they died. It was a real kicker.

In every run, however, about halfway through, Chara would stop trying to convince him. She even ended up encouraging him, and when he faltered (he had to admit, even he had some doubts now and then) she stepped in and made him commit the gristly acts herself. He supposed that by then his attitude was rubbing off on her.

But here he sat, alone in his file, thinking. Just finally stopping for a moment to let his thoughts wander. And Frisk realized.

Exactly how much fun was genocide when he knew how they'd react to dying every time? Even Sans, who had been a surprise at first with his different speeches and mannerisms after his every killing (which was unusual), was becoming predictable. After fighting him countless times, in countless timelines, Frisk had his attacks memorized and his speeches etched in his brain. 

And he had RESET again, after the fun had ended and Chara once again killed him and destroyed the world (he knew know that it was because she was angry at him for having them kill all of her friends and then never wanting to finish the job. Frisk had never chosen to end the world himself, as even his conscience could not imagine doing something that bad).

He killed Toriel. But instead of going to meet Sans for the millionth time, he reset. Again. And again. And again. Always after Toriel's death.

And he began to wonder.

What if I spared them?

What would happen then? What would be the outcome? 

How would Sans react? He was always interesting. He knew Sans was dimly aware of his abilities, and of the carnage he had reaped before. But what if he greeted him, the poster child of pacifism? He'd suspect something was off, but who really cared about what Sans thought? He was just another breakable toy in Frisk's toy box.

Frisk stood and stretched. He frowned slightly, hand hovering over the RESET button. Was he really going to try and befriend those worthless monsters? At least, he reasoned, it'd be better than having to befriend a legion of humans. After how his parents had treated him, he had had a certain spot in his heart reserved for the hatred of humanity. As far as he could tell, Chara had had some similar experiences, perhaps worse. All he really knew was that her fall hadn't been an accident, but a jump of despair. 

He shook his head to clear it. Yes, he would be a good child, dot his I's and cross his T's, learn by heart his A B C's. Bestow hugs and kisses and all of that nasty crap. Frisk smirked. Only eleven and as heartless as any adult.

He took a breath before pressing the button. As it all faded to black, he heard a small voice in the back of his head, this time seemingly addressing itself.

'The thought of your friends getting their happy ending fills you with DETERMINATION. . .'

Everyone Can Be A Good Person Chapter One
Chaper one of my UT fanfic, also on Wattpad.
'It Smelled Like Decisions and Cold Memories.'
Stay Determined! Sketch by CRichwine
Stay Determined! Sketch
Will be redone in digital.
feat. sans, Chara, Frisk and Annoying Dog! His collar says 'Toby', as in Toby Fox. I wanted to do a different design for Dog rather than very small and chubby. Looks kinda like my dog Winnie, just chubbier.
Chara Character Reference/Headcanons NEW by CRichwine
Chara Character Reference/Headcanons NEW
This is Chara's new reference page. She used to be the guy of the two, but I realized that with Chara's personality, she was totally gonna be a girl. Here's the info.
She is 12 years old.
She is not evil, just kind of blunt and rude. She is very kind hearted and nice to most, as long as they don't mistreat her or her friends.
Her parents abused her, and, unfortunately, her fall was her attempt at suicide. Luckily, she was taken in by the Dreemurrs.
Grandparents on both sides are Irish, so she has red hair, freckles, and a firey personality.
Slightly curly hair.
Committed suicide by ingesting buttercups so she and Asriel could pass the barrier and then break it. The plan failed however.
Has a heart shaped locket.
That's it for now, ask any questions in the comments!
Frisk Character Design/Headcanons NEW by CRichwine
Frisk Character Design/Headcanons NEW
This is a new version of Frisk's character based on my  headcanons. In case you can't read it, info is here in the description.
Frisk is now a boy, Chara a girl.
He is 10 years old.
His inventory equals his satchel in this.
His parents were verbally abusive and fough often. 
His grand parents were Russian on his mom's side, Latino on the dad's.
He is Latino, with light brown skin.
He is slightly influenced by a mysterious force, AKA the player, during the parts that happen in game.
He fell on accident on a hiking trip. He was getting away from his parents for a while, and when he took a break he found the hole. He got too close and fell.
Think that's all you need to know for know! :) If you have questions, ask away!
Hello! I'd just like to say commissions are open! :) 

Sonic OC/canon characters: traditional or digital headshots, reference sheets, fullbody=10 points
ExamplesImage by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

Spiderman/Marvel characters: traditional or digital

headshots, half body= 10 points for headshot and half body, 20 for one with 2 characters
Image by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

Hunger Games: traditional or digital, headshots, scenery shots, and symbolic art= 10 points
Image by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

Invader Zim: fullbody= 10 points
ExampleImage by CRichwine
Book characters from Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Harry Potter: headshots, half body, full body= 20 points each
ExampleImage by CRichwine
Image by CRichwine

Image by CRichwine

I hope you'll purchase some! :) Enjoy!


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a young person who creates art. REVEL IN IT. It says hobbyist, but I'm also a self taught student, I suppose you would say. I do mostly traditional art, but I'm exploring some digital art as well.

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Spiderman/Marvel characters
Spiderman by CRichwine
Quick Spidey Paint by CRichwine
Half body and headshots of Spiderman and other characters. 20 points if it has two characters in it. Traditional or digital
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Keeperofthelostcities,heroesofolympus,hungergames
Hazel Levesque drawing by CRichwine
Annabeth Chase drawing by CRichwine
Dex Diznee Keeper of the Lost Cities by CRichwine
Biana Vacker by CRichwine
Katniss Sketch by CRichwine
Any characters from these series, headshots, fullbody and half body. :) Traditional or digital
Sonic Canon and OC Characters
I'm waiiiiting Sonic by CRichwine
NICOLE Wallpaper FINISHED by CRichwine
Fight for Crisis City by CRichwine
Mobian Persona by CRichwine
COMMISSION: Dark4Kuran by CRichwine
OC Cressida REDESIGN by CRichwine
I love drawing Sonic characters, and I need some points. I can draw any Sonic character, whether OC or canon. :) Traditional or digital, headshots, half body, full body, wallpapers, reference sheets
Invader Zim
GIR Muffins! by CRichwine
Full bodies, digital or traditional


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